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Educating Physicians
​In their Communities

The Georgia Chapter is excited to expand its availability of breastfeeding resources toGeorgia’s Pediatricians.  Kathryn McLeod, MD is the Chapter’s Breastfeeding Coordinator and is the Chairman of both the EPIC Breastfeeding Advisory Committee and the Physicians Breastfeeding Committee. Arlene Toole, IBCLC, RLC is the Director of the EPIC Breastfeeding Education Program.  The EPIC Breastfeeding Program curriculum has been developed with the guidance and expertise from the Curriculum Committee that is comprised of physicians and breastfeeding experts. The EPIC Breastfeeding Program is a ground-breaking state funded initiative and was launched in July 2007.  We are confident that the Breastfeeding program will follow in the footsteps of the well established and successful EPIC Immunization Program.  

To request a Breastfeeding program download form and fax to (404) 249-9503
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Help the Georgia Chapter AAP make Georgia a healthier state by scheduling an EPIC Breastfeeding Program. Let’s increase our states breastfeeding rates together.  

AAP Chapter Member Benefits 

As one of the benefits of being a chapter member we have Arlene Toole available to answer your breastfeeding questions.  She is an IBCLC certified lactation consultant with 18 years of experience working with breastfeeding mothers and educating health care providers.  She can answer questions on breastfeeding management, increasing milk supply, pumping and storing breast milk and help you access resources in your community.   She is also our EPIC Breastfeeding Program Director. If you are a member of the Georgia Chapter of AAP, you may call our office for breastfeeding questions at 404.881.5095 or email her @